Kepercayaan terhadap Teknologi Sistem Informasi Baru dalam Evaluasi Kinerja Individual

Universitas Jambi

Growth of information system require to be supported by many expected factors that can give successfulness of itself information system which is mirror through satisfaction information system’s user. One of the way so that business organization can competing with using information system and information technology are fourth resources after human resource, money resource, and important machine resource in organization / company. Prior Research tested component of duty, individual and technological and their interaction of mentioned to impact evaluate user without measuring relation evaluate user to other research and performance put into individual performance variable with result evaluate user have relation which are positive significant to improvement of individual performance. Researcher here only trying to check level of reliance to new information technology in evaluating individual performance and still use model of Goodhue and Irwansyah with only using technological variable and individual performance and add one variable reliance level. This research examines technological relation of new information system to user’s individual performance of new information system as model before (Goodhue, 1995) and see level of reliance to information system technology will improve individual performance. This Research result indicate that reliance to technological and new information system of new information system to improvement of individual performance show result which are positive. Addition of trust variable to new information system more improve user’s individual performance. Result of this research can become consideration for organization / company that adjusment of technology of new information system along with existence of reliance of user to system of new information can improve user’s individual performance so that yielded output can optimal for organization / company.
Keywords: technology, reliance, individual performance, new information system

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